Local Arby’s Crew Gifts Fellow Employee ‘Blessing Bike’


Crystal Bingham can tell you just how long it typically takes her to get to her job at Arby’s in Tillman’s Corner. She’s been walking back and forth since August of last year.

“I’d say about three and a half miles. It took an hour [and] forty-five minutes and 12 seconds to walk it”, said Bingham.

Her boss and crew members chipped in and bought her a bicycle.

“That is my blessing bike. That is what I call it, my blessing bike”.

Bingham says pedaling her way to work will make it much easier for her to reach her goal of saving money to buy a car. She looks forward to trading in two wheels for four, but is very grateful for the gift given to her by her work family.

“It gives me a lot of hope because when you’re at the hardest part in your life and you feel like giving up and you feel like nobody is there for you and nobody cares for you. You get blessings’.

Bingham says her favorite part of the bike is the basket, because she can put her purse and cold drinks in it. She plans on adding extra reflectors and a helmet for safety.


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