Copper Strippers Knock Out WiFi in Chunchula Community



A small community in North Mobile is having a major problem with thieves.  They’re not the kind of thieves that break into their homes and steal their valuables.  These thieves are targeting something else.

A woman who lives in Chunchula called News 5, extremely upset because of a problem with strippers in her neighborhood.

Down Miller Branch Lane in Chunchula, strippers worked hard Sunday night.  On Monday morning, Michelle Stewart’s husband took notice.

“At 11 in the morning, my husband got up to run a few errands and that’s when he noticed that line back there was down on the ground,” Stewart said as she stood in her front yard.

Copper strippers took about 50 yards worth of wifi cables.  Stewart uses that wifi on a daily basis for her work.  She sells homemade jewelry online.

“I was pretty upset,” she said of the incident.  “I need my internet that’s how I make my money.”

The thief cut down the cables and stripped the copper wires out on site.  They also left the ladder they used to climb up to the wires on the scene.  The community is scratching their heads over who would go through that much trouble.

“Not just the trouble, the risk,” said Christopher Holt, who also experienced the wifi outage.  “How much trouble you can get in over it… Not much payout, whatever it may be, not take that kinda chance.”

The thief got off with maybe four dollars worth of copper, but it’ll cost thousands to get fixed.  Steward says the time she lost working could be priceless.

“I wanna rip their hair out!” Stewart said.  “I wanna see them prosecuted. I want them to get caught. They don’t need to be going out there and doing that, it’s putting everyone’s lives in danger.”

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says they do have a suspect but an arrest has not been made.

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