BREAKING: Police Arrest Suspect in Texaco Murder

This mugshot from July 2014 shows Willie Lewis after an arrest for criminal trespassing.
Mobile police say Willie Lewis shot and killed a man Monday at the Texaco gas station on Moffett Road and I-65.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) Mobile police have made an arrest in a homicide at a gas station in Mobile.

Willie Lewis, 25, is charged with murder in the fatal shooting at the Texaco gas station on Moffett Road at I-65.

Police walked the suspect outside Mobile Police Headquarters to a patrol car.  He will be booked at Mobile Metro Jail.

A man who worked near the scene of the shooting described what happened to News 5.

A witness, who works at a nearby business, saw the shooting and explained what happened to News 5.  He says a man pulled up to a gas pump and a second car pulled up behind him. The man in the first car fired multiple shots through his back window at the second driver. At some point, his gun jammed. He got out of the car, threw the gun down on the ground, and put his hands up. The second driver then fired at least two shots, fatally killing the man.

This mug shot from October 2016 shows Willie Lewis after he was arrested for theft and escape. He was released from jail April 28, 2017.

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