Baldwin County Is On The Aerospace Map



“It was a very productive trip. Probably the most productive that we have had.” Just back from the Paris Airshow and wheeling and dealing aerospace giants, Baldwin County Commission Chairman Chris Elliott is still excited about the possibilities for Baldwin County. “We will see in the coming years an increase advanced manufacturing and aerospace presence here in Baldwin County.”

He points to companies like UTC Aerospace in Foley already in the midst of a 30 million dollar expansion and adding hundreds of jobs as a success story. In Paris, he along with Governor Kay Ivey and Economic Development Director Lee Lawson discussed the future of the aerospace company. “They are singing the praises of the workers here in Baldwin County. They are absolutely thrilled with their investment here in Baldwin County and anywhere somebody is thrilled with their investment, we are going to ask them to make more.”

Because of the Paris Airshow, he says more aerospace companies and jobs are on the way. “I hope that it is sooner than later but these are huge multi-national companies that are evaluating where to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and that’s not something they take lightly, that’s not something they do overnight.”

Another thing working in Baldwin County’s favor, the tremendous growth predicted over the next several years. An estimated 60 thousand more people by the year 2030.

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