UPDATE: Owner of Pit Bulls Identified

Update: Wade Sistrunk has been identified as the owner of the 3 pit bulls that attacked a jogger Monday morning.  He is being charged with three counts of misdemeanor violation of county leash laws.

Sistruck also had a warrant in Biloxi for possession of paraphernalia.

JACKSON COUNTY (WKRG)  —  Charges are pending against the owner of three pit bulls that attacked a man.

The incident happened around 6:00 Monday morning while a man was jogging on 10517 Paige Bayou Road.

The man said the dogs charged at him and attacked him.

According to Sheriff Ezell, the neighbor came outside, saw the attack and called 911.  The neighbor told authorities, when the dog saw the neighbor they began fighting each other.

The man went to Ocean Springs hospital for medical care.

Sheriff Mike Ezell stated in an emailed press release, animal control officers caught all three dogs and took them to the county animal shelter. When the owner of the dogs is identified he will be charged with misdemeanor leash law violation.  violations.

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