Missing 5-Year-Old Found Safe

GULF SHORES (WKRG) — Missing 5-year-old, found safe after an almost two-hour search.

A tearful reunion after two agonizing hours of searching. A beach vacation for a Tennessee family turned upside down when their five-year-old daughter suddenly is nowhere to be found.

Her Mom, Dana, collapses to her knees and begins to pray. Her father, Joshua is frantic, not knowing what to do and where to turn. 5-year-old Amber Lynn Bare was there one minute and gone the next.

“The mom was actually running up and down the beach making sure that everybody knew that her daughter was missing,” says Haley Blair from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She like many beachgoers stopped what they were doing and started searching. “We split people up. One going this direction and one going the other direction.”

First responders crisscrossed the beach and nearby condos. It had been too long. Then shortly before sunset word came she had been found and was safe.

“I stopped breathing for a second,” says Blair. “Her mom text me personally and said she’d been found.”

For Dana and Joshua, there were tears of joy and grateful hearts.
“I’m just thankful she was found. I’m just grateful to all the people who prayed and that the Lord brought her back to us.”

A scary couple hours for any parent and the happy ending everyone was searching for. “We’re going to take her back to the condo so her brothers and sisters can make sure she is okay because they are upset too,” says Dana.

According to authorities, this happens three or four times a day on the beach during the summer. But, usually, they are found in a matter of minutes, not hours.






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