Man Accused of Killing Shotgun Willie’s Bouncer Back in Court Monday

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

The man accused of killing a security guard at a Mobile bar last week is expected in court later this morning.  An arraignment hearing is scheduled for 35-year-old Dewayne Wheat.

This goes back to last week when a bouncer at Shotgun Willie’s was shot and killed early Tuesday morning. Family members say the victim was just doing his job when he was killed.

Family members of the victim claim Dewayne Wheat was drunk and causing a disturbance at the bar.  The bouncer asked him to leave.  Wheat reportedly went out to his car.  He grabbed a gun, came back into the bar and started shooting.

40-year-old Jeremy Smith had been working security there for years.  He was killed in the shooting. Family members say he died saving others because he took the shots that could have hit other people in the bar.

Surprisingly Wheat was arrested last Tuesday and charged with murder but was released on a $75,000 bond Friday morning.  The victim’s family questions why a man with a prior criminal record was allowed to get a bond set at all.

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