Police Investigate Suicide and Attempted Murder in Saraland

A Life Flight helicopter landed near the scene of a shooting in Saraland.


Saraland Police say it appears domestic violence led to an attempted murder and suicide Monday morning.  The violence has stunned people living in this small city in Mobile County.

Police say it started with a two car crash behind the Marathon gas station better known as Starvin Marvin’s.  The driver of a silver pickup intentionally crashed his vehicle into an SUV.  The man behind the wheel knew the woman in the SUV.  Police say he got out and started shooting.  She was hit and then he killed himself.  Leslie Powell lives just a few feet from where the woman was shot.

Several police cars gathered behind the Marathon gas station following the shooting.

“I saw some people who did first aid, and she was talking and screaming with pain.  It was pretty horrible,” said Powell.  The woman was taken to Saraland High School where a life flight helicopter was waiting to fly her to a hospital.  They couldn’t fly her from the shooting scene.  There were too many power lines.  It’s a sight that’s rare in Saraland.

“It’s very unusual for something like this to happen, it just doesn’t happen here,” said Barbara Able.  Police say the victim and shooter were involved in some sort of relationship but didn’t get into specifics.  

“It’s really sad for members of the community to have to see this and it’s really sad for family members to have to deal with situations as tragic as this, it shows how serious domestic situations can be,” said Gary Cole with Saraland Police.  The shooting happened just after 7 a.m. Monday morning.  Many were stunned by what transpired this morning.  

“I wish he wouldn’t have hit her or killed himself, he could have talked to anybody he could have went to the church, talked to a cop or something,” said Keyon Cooley as he was filling his vehicle with gas.  The names of the victim and the shooter have not been released pending notification of the families.  The female victim was last listed in critical condition as of 8:30 this morning.  

A Life Flight helicopter landed near the scene of a shooting in Saraland.
A witness heard eight to ten shots around 7a.m. at the Marathon gas station on Golden Rod Drive.



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