Good Sport: On and Off The Court Motivator


MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) — This weeks

For more than thirty years, Jeansonne has been associated with the Mobile Patriots as either a coach or team manager. Her passion is is unmatched, and her positive spirit is infectious. It’s easy to see why this has become such a large part of her life.

Anthony McDaniel said, “we probably wouldn’t be half of what we are without her. We only do the stuff on the court, she makes all the stuff happen.”

“She always keeps us pumped up. Win, lose or draw she is always there and she’s always a motivator,” said Phillip Eddins.

“It’s addicting because you gain energy from the guys that are so involved in finally getting to do something in their life and play a sport and be a part of a team,” said Jeansonne.

Anthony told News 5, “What a lot of people don’t know is she does a lot of behind the background work. A lot of people don’t pay attention and she doesn’t get the recognition for it.”

Phillip: It’s like a family here. Regardless of your paralysis whether your left leg is gone or both of your legs are gone, you have a spinal paralysis, it doesn’t matter we’re all the same we’re all in wheelchairs. It’s a big family.

And if the Mobile Patriots are a family, Stephanie is the mom. And like any good parent, she’s always pushing her family to get better both on and off the court.

“With this sport, comes a lot of emotion that you cannot imagine unless you have experienced the happiness or really seen people achieve things. Like we’ve had guys on our team that have gone on to get scholarships to go on and play basketball”, she says.

Now a lot has changed in the thirty plus years Stephanie has been a part of the Mobile Patriots. With the help of Stephanie and the players, coaches and managers, the Patriots have become a premier wheelchair basketball program.

Stephanie says, “we couldn’t win a game our first year, then we took film and looked at the film and we thought what do we need to do to win this game and the next game. Before you know it, we had a district championship, then a state championship and everything went on from there.”

From success on the court, to lifelong friendships. Stephanie has been a key part of making something truly special.

“It’s hard to explain when you’re around a bunch of great people that are in wheelchairs and they sit there and inspire you in everyday life, not just in basketball, in everything,” says Phillip.

Inspiring us on and off the court. Stephanie Jeansonne very deserving of our good sport of the week.

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