Faith Time: Talking about Faith

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Pastor Cye Hunter with True Deliverance Ministry in Mobile joins us to talk about faith.  Here’s a look at our conversation:

Pastor Hunter: Faith is believing, and trusting in God, someone or even yourself without proof of the thing that you are believing for. Jesus said, “If you can believe all things are possible”.

Chad: What’s is the hardest part about accepting faith?

Pastor Hunter: We have been brought up to trust in what we can see, and what we can figure out or accomplish on our own. That is totally contrary to having Faith, it is as if it is foreign to us. Faith is trusting in God although we can’t see him physically.

Chad: Different churches talk about grace through faith, how do you see it?

Pastor Hunter: The scripture basically states the same “by Grace are we saved through Faith”, not due to anything that we have done, but by the Grace and Mercy of God. It is a matter of believing and accepting it.

Chad: How does your faith help you?

Pastor Hunter:  Due to my Faith in God’s Word my life was transformed, and it gave me the stability that I needed. It has also taught me that going through Trials, Hardships, and Disappointments in Life that He is there with me. “For he said in his Word that He will never leave thee nor will he Forsake thee”.

Chad: what do you recommend when people have a crisis of faith?

Pastor Hunter: At a time of Crisis, I always try to encourage people to pray an as best as they can, to look to God. I also let them know that in the midst of that crisis that God still cares, and he sees what they are going through.

Chad: How do you incorporate this into your preaching?

Pastor Hunter: I use different scripture references of people that dealt with some of the same issues that we are faced with now. It will show how through God’s Grace, Mercy, and Power that it encourages their Faith.

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