1-Year-Old Boy Falls Out of Moving SUV in Texas

LAREDO, TX (CNN) — A frightening incident caught on dashcam video.

A 1-year-old boy tumbles out of a moving vehicle on a Texas street.

“I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that something like this would happen right before my eyes” said Claudia Alaniz.

It was this dash cam on Claudia Alaniz’s vehicle that caught those frightening moments.

She was returning back to work from her break when it all played out right in front of her. 

“We started honking really quick because we saw him fall out and so the second driver, he just walked out of the vehicle and went towards the baby and the baby just ran into the stranger’s arms” said Claudia.

She says the incident was hard to watch as a mother.

Claudia Alaniz said, “I imagined my son falling out of a vehicle like that and it was very heart breaking to see the baby crying, bloodied from his face as he hit the pavement. It was really traumatic for me to see that.”

According to Laredo Police the baby in the video is a 1-year-old boy and suffered scrapes to his body.

Alaniz wants parents to be more mindful when driving with children. “At least have the precaution of having your door’s child proof, your window’s child proof. Anybody can fly out of a window if they are just trying to see traffic. It’s very dangerous for little kids” she said.
She wants parents to take a closer look at the video and hope it can help prevent a similar situation from taking place in the future. She says “Just lock your doors. It’s real easy. I mean sometimes you have to get out of the vehicle to open the door for an adult, but it’s all worth it.”

Police say the woman driving the SUV has been cited for leaving a child unbuckled.  It’s unclear if that woman is related to the child.  Authorities say the incident remains under investigation.

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