“I Opened the Door and Smoked ‘Em”: Veteran Relives Home Invasion in Theodore

THEODORE, AL (WKRG) — The military veteran who survived being shot in a home invasion attempt in Theodore is speaking out on how he managed to return fire and save his own life.

Michael Irving, 62, spoke about the scary moment he answered his door and was shot by three people trying to break-in and steal his medication.

Irving says he reached into a kitchen cabinet for a handgun and was able to fire back at the suspects, injuring all three of them.

“They shot, right there, cut loose on me,” said Irving, referencing the glass portion of his door. “Behind the coffee, I had an old pistol. I opened the door and smoked ’em.”

Irving says it all happened pretty fast, but there was no time for fear.

“It surprised me too but when someone just shot and is trying to kill you it just wakes up the dragon,” said Irving. “I learned that in the Marine Corps. You react and do before you get scared. Always react and do it before you get time to get scared.”

The suspects have been identified as Casey Gann, Chasatie Dulabhan and Joseph Heathcock. Gann and Healthcock are in jail on no bond following a court appearance on Friday morning.



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