Flooding and Sewage on One Neighborhood Street

Take a look at all the standing water on DeVillers Street in Pensacola, but look closer, it’s also sewage and fecal matter floating in the standing water.

“Trails of fecal that was total raw untreated waste, and it’s not ECUS’s problem this is a infrastructure problem with the city of Pensacola,” says Laurie Murphy Executive Director of Emerald Coast Keeper.

While this is a typical place that floods Gloria Horning says sewage has never been a problem.




“Once those big homes came in then all of a sudden the infrastructure has changed,” says resident Gloria Horning.

And residents want that to change.

Horning along with storm water inspector Laurie Murphy say storm water draining is in issue in the city of Pensacola.

They say an even bigger issue will develop if the brown sludge that looks like mud is not cleaned up.

“It can cause a pandemic, if enough people are exposed to it,” says Murphy.

We were there while murphy called Tim Haag, Director of Government Affairs with ECUA, who says he will be in to help figure out drainage problems, once the city does the clean up.

But for now she does have some advice.

“Stay out of this area, and not get exposed to it until ECUA and the city can get the clean up,” says Murphy.

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