How Did Tropical Storm Cindy Affect Carnival Cruisers?


The Carnival cruise ship Fantasy was supposed to pull into port around 6:30 or 7:00, but instead, it didn’t get in until 10:00 Thursday morning.

Cruisers returning from what may have been paradise — a five day cruise to Cozumel and Costa Maya — came back to less than perfect conditions. With waves at eight to ten feet, things got a little rocky. But surprisingly, that didn’t bother too many people.

“There were times it was choppy but it was pretty good overall, no problems,” says Carl Clark from Gulfport, Mississippi.

“Just a little bit, not too much, just a little choppy, that’s it,” says Derek Garror from Mobile.

However, it did affect the bar pilot, who is mandated by law to board every cruise ship to navigate it through the Mobile River.

“It was just the weather, the seas were like eight to twelve feet so it’s kind of hard for a bar pilot to get on board when it’s like that, it’s a matter of safety,” says Sheila Gurganus with the Alabama Cruise Terminal.

He wasn’t able to board until 6:00 am, and then it was a little over a three hour journey up the river and into port.

This added a two hour delay for those waiting to board the ship for their four day cruise to Cozumel. But folks today were still in good spirits despite it all.

“Not at all, I’d do it again!” says Clark.

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