Fort Walton Father, Daughter Fix Roof After Possible Tornado

OKALOOSA COUNTY, FL (WKRG) —- A possible tornado touchdown was reported in Fort Walton Beach city limits on Wednesday — damaging cars, homes and a local park.  One father and daughter managed to make the clean-up a special family time.

Gary Evrett took to the roof at about 6 a.m. on Wednesday, making a quick fix for a hole.  He was later joined by his daughter Katie, to help fashion something a little more water-resistant.

Step by step, the duo climbed to the roof.

“I didn’t realize it was as bad as it was, or is,” Katie said, looking around at the damage.

The father-daughter duo is working on an unplanned project after a possible tornado brought on by Tropical Storm Cindy damaged a roof.

“Could have been a lot worse,” Gary said with a little chuckle.  “After I saw what happened over at the school — considering what we got, we’re okay.”

This isn’t just any house to the Evretts.

“He would’ve been up here with me,” Gary said of his late father-in-law.  “He was 80 years old and had a bad situation going health-wise, but I know he would’ve tried to get up here.”

Katie’s grandfather and Gary’s father-in-law moved to Fort Walton from Ohio and lived in the home for about six years.  He died back in September 2016.

“All of his kids are here now, so he moved here to be closer to them,” Katie said.

No family is perfect, but the Evretts pride themselves on hard work.

“She comes up and helps me whenever I need it,” Gary said, nodding to Katie.  “Took off time from work. It’s a good testament to her.”

The Evretts will count their blessings as they look off their roof at the destruction scattered all around them.

“The dugout is cinder block,” Katie said, referencing the park across the street’s baseball and softball fields.  “It’s completely gone and we only have a few trees down, some shingles gone? I think we made out in the best way we could.”

The National Weather Service will have to survey the area to determine if this was, in fact, a tornado.

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