UPDATE: Boy Killed by Beachfront Log in Fort Morgan Identified

UPDATE: Mehlville School District sends email sharing sad news of death of 10-year-old Nolan McCabe.




Nolan McCabe, 10.

UPDATE: News 5 has confirmed through our CBS-affiliate KMOV in St. Louis that this is a photo of 10-year-old Nolan McCabe, who died Wednesday in Fort Morgan.

BALDWIN COUNTY, Al (WKRG) — High tide during a tropical storm can be dangerous. For a 10-year-old boy from Missouri, it was deadly.

A 14-foot log laying on the beach was picked up by a massive wave and hit the child, according to Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack.

“When the wave actually hit the timber, it rolled the timber on top of the child,” Mack said. “The child sustained very severe head injuries and had to be pulled out from underneath the timber.”

Waves at the time were estimated to be 10- to 12-feet high and were driven ashore by Tropical Storm Cindy.

“We do not believe the child actually drowned but although be it for the surf that possibly caused the injuries to this child,” Mack said. “That’s why we are looking at it as a weather-related incident.”

The massive log remained on the beach just behind the families beach house for most of the day.

It was removed by Fort Morgan Volunteer Firefighters. The family in town for a family reunion at the beach is now forever scarred by the tropical storm named Cindy.

“Tragic event, tragic day for them,” Mack said. “So, keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.”

The name of the young boy and his family were not released. Authorities were still trying to contact out of state relatives who were unable to make the reunion.

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