Health Alert: Tropical Storm Cindy Downpours Cause Sewer Overflows

MAWSS is closing the Catherine Street location.

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Mobile Area Water & Sewage System (MAWSS) officials report that area waterways experienced sanitary sewer overflows as a result of Tropical Storm Cindy’s heavy rains throughout the area over the past couple of days.

Below is a full list from MAWSS of the locations of the overflows and the receiving waterways. MAWSS plans to released an estimate of overflows’ volume at a later time as continuous rain makes it difficult to assess.

Location                                                        Receiving Water

2335 Dog River Dr. S.                                        Dog River

2409 Octavia Dr. S.                                            Dog River

27 Audubon Pl.                                                   Eslava Creek

Clearmont St. @ Bienville Ave.                         Eslava Creek

Clearmont St. @ Houston St.                             Eslava Creek

Conti St @ Demouy Ave. (3)                            Eslava Creek

63 Demouy Ave. @ Conti St.                            Eslava Creek

100 Demouy Ave.                                              Eslava Creek

120 Demouy Ave. @ Murray St.                      Eslava Creek

1102 Gimon Cir. (2)                                          Eslava Creek

1710 Gulf Field Dr. N.                                       Eslava Creek

251 Island Ct.                                                    Eslava Creek

766 Johnston Ave.                                             Eslava Creek

Laurel St @ Davitt St. (3)                                 Eslava Creek

McVay Dr @ Navco Rd.                                  Eslava Creek

101 Mohawk St. @ Elizabeth St.                       Eslava Creek

2306 Peer Ct.                                                     Eslava Creek

2102 Prichard Ave. (3)                                      Eslava Creek

204 Seminole St.                                                Eslava Creek

213 Seminole St.                                               Eslava Creek

2752 Barksdale Dr.                                           Eslava Creek

50 Westwood St. @ Homewood St.                Eslava Creek

175 Westwood St.                                             Eslava Creek

208 Westwood St.                                             Eslava Creek

211 Westwood St.                                             Eslava Creek

3957 Demetropolis Rd.                                     Halls Mill Creek

4115 Riviere Du Chien Rd (2)                           Halls Mill Creek

1 Eslava St. (3)                                                  Mobile River

522 Bizzell Ave.                                                Three Mile Creek

600 Bizzell Ave.                                                  Three Mile Creek

1671 Government St.                                           Three Mile Creek

1701 Government St.                                           Three Mile Creek

93 Sidney Phillips Dr.                                          Three Mile Creek

Chateague St. @ Baxter St.                                  Three Mile Creek

2261 Dubroca St.                                                 Three Mile Creek

Lake Dr. @ Tricentennial Park                            Three Mile Creek

2261 Levert Dr.                                                    Three Mile Creek

2267 Levert Dr.                                                    Three Mile Creek

1050 Lubel Ave.                                                    Three Mile Creek

2668 Mill St. @ Julian St.                                     Three Mile Creek

Siena Vista Dr. (Dead End)                                  Three Mile Creek

Tonlours Dr. @ Three Mile Creek (2)                   Three Mile Creek


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