Gulf Waters Remain Closed Along Baldwin County Beaches

GULF SHORES, Alabama (WKRG) —  Monday afternoon waves were crashing at four to six feet but continued to build as the storm moved closer to landfall. While other storms have produced waves much larger, the danger remains the same, a strong west running current, an extremely high risk of rip currents.


Beach patrols continue to monitor conditions and make sure everyone stays out of the surf. If you don’t, you could go to jail.

The water may be closed but the beaches are not and there are plenty of folks coming to check out the wave action like Ann Little who has only lived in Foley for a couple of years and has never seen a churned up Gulf of Mexico. “I mean it is so peaceful. I know it’s a storm but it’s so peaceful at the same time and we love it.”

Jeff Shoecraft couldn’t stay away. “Enjoy it, take the view of it. Embrace it because you may not never ever see it again in your life.”

The surf is expected to continue to build overnight with high tide hitting mid-morning.

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