Mobile Crews Preparing for the Storm

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) —  While the sun is still shining, Mobile Public Services crews and employees for Mobile Area Water and Sewer are taking advantage of the weather to prepare for potential storms.

Bill Harkins, executive director of Public Services, says they routinely clean out storm drains that are clogged, but especially pay close attention to notorious problem spots when the forecast shows the potential for severe weather.

“We’re trying to be ahead of the game. But, the key is we do this 365 days a year,” Harkins said. “We don’t wait till the last minute.”

Harkins says there are roughly 35,000 drains in the city, so they can’t clean them all before the storm. He suggests that if you live on a safe street, walk out to the storm drain and clear out any leaves or trash that could clog it when the rain hits.

Barbara Shaw with Mobile Area Water and Sewer also asks that you check on the white sewer lateral cap in your yard as well. If it’s broken or missing, this sends storm water directly into the sewer system, causing multiple issues.

Shaw says they’ve recently shifted their focus to creating more storage facilities to hold the influx of storm water that seeps into their pipes during heavy rains. Their crews were also out Monday checking to make sure the severe weather tanks were empty and ready for use.



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