Two Coast Guard Cutters Coming to Pensacola

Decisive Courtesy : USCG

Two U.S. Coast Guard ships and their crews will be moving into Pensacola late next year. The 210-foot cutters, each with 76 Coast Guardsmen will be stationed in Pensacola no later than August 31st. The ships will be The Dauntless coming from Galveston, TX and the Decisive coming from Pascagoula, MS.

According to a press release the ships will be “used to conduct a variety of Coast Guard missions, including Counter Drug Enforcement, Alien Migration Interdiction Operations, Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and Defense Readiness. The cutters will be homeported at Naval Air Station Pensacola along with Coast Guard Cutter Cypress, a 225-foot Seagoing Buoy Tender, which is currently homeported at NAS Pensacola.”

The new ships coming to town will also mean changes at NAS Pensacola to get ready. The changes include wharf repairs, minor pier utility upgrades to electrical and telecommunications equipment, and additional storage.


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