Tropical Waves, Not Tropical Threats

This is the time of year when we begin to see tropical waves–areas of low pressure and clouds–move across the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico.  On average, we’ll see about 4 per week, so don’t get too worked up when you hear people talk about tropical waves or tropical disturbances.  A tropical disturbance is simply a group of thunderstorms that have lasted 24 hours or more over tropical waters.

We’re looking at two such areas now.  The first is an area over Central American and the western Caribbean.  Low pressure here hasn’t really formed here yet, but could by Friday.  There is a small chance that this could develop tropical characteristics within the next 5 days.  Most computer model forecasts move whatever this system is at that time–maybe tropical and maybe not–to the northwest.  Even though the threat is for our neighborhood is very low, it’s the kind of thing we keep an eye on.

The second area is about 4500 miles away in the far eastern Atlantic–too far to concern us for now.  It is also just clouds and low pressure that we will watch for tropical development over the next few days.

This is just a heads-up to let you know what we’re looking at in the tropics. There is no reason to fret or lose any sleep over these systems.  Trust the News 5 Storm Team to be very clear about tropical threats when that time comes.

John Nodar

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