Live Traffic Blog

6:55  UPDATE: Still some earlier delays coming down I-65 with two separate accidents there near the Government Street exit. Emergency vehicles and wreckers are on the scene so they’re trying to get these clear but still expect a little delay there with the left hand lane blocked coming down I-65.   Looks like they’re going to close down Old Shell at Hillcrest over the next few minutes as there trying to move a bunch of 18 wheelers out of the roadway. No problems right now if you are traveling crossing the Bayway and Causeway right now. But in Pensacola you have an accident I-10 headed westbound around the 21 Mile Marker. That’s just past the Avalon Boulevard exit in Milton where the lanes are blocked on the interstate.  It’s down to one lane of traffic through the construction zone.

6:35 UPDATE: We’ve had two separate accidents coming down I-65 to begin your Wednesday morning there near Government Street. The first was a white vehicle that left the roadway off to the right hand side of the roadway — that’s not affecting traffic.  The second about 100 yards down was in an accident possibly involving an officer blocking the left hand lane there and that is causing some delays. A wrecker is on the scene. They’re trying to get this cleared but until they do expect delays coming down I-65 with the left-hand lane blocked. Still moving along nicely on the bay-way and Causeway. In Pensacola and new accident Highway 98 Kaiser Lane that involves Road blockage and also I-10 Westbound there around the 21 mile marker with the westbound lanes blocked.

6:10 UPDATE: We’ve got two separate accidents right now I-65 southbound just south of Government Street. The first one was a white vehicle that spun off in the right hand side of the roadway. It’s not blocking traffic, but this new one is blocking the left hand lane about a hundred yards down from the earlier accident. So, expect delays coming down I-65 around Government Street. No problems on I-65 and I-10 looking good over the Bayway and Causeway and in Pensacola still some delays from an earlier accident Barrancas Avenue at South Old Corry Field Road with the roadway being blocked.

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