Watch: Young Man Nearly Killed Mowing Lawn During Storm

(CBS) The storm was in and out of the of the Odessa Texas area in just thirty minutes . But this is what’s left behind that’s telling the story of the storm, roofs and trampolines on the street, broken out car and house windows and trees pulled from the ground. Strong winds ranging anywhere from 50 to 70 miles per hour are to blame.

It created some scary moments for many people, Including Don White. Just as he was mowing his lawn the storm took him by surprise and his brother was their to capture the moment.

“I was in the background filming because I saw the roots around the tree start to lift up, and my brother was trying to finish the last two little strips of the grass with some sheer dedication, so we saw the tree start to come up, I started to record and within 10 seconds it came up out of the ground,” said Wes White.

His brother Don barely dodged the tree, saying “I just saw it and heard it, my brother told me it was going to fall, and I was being consciously aware of it, and then when I saw it fall I took off running just because I didn’t know what could’ve happened, so luckily it didn’t fall my way.”

If you’re wondering if don was able to finish his lawn after all the answer is no.  He says he will get the job done tomorrow.

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