Watch: Man Opens Car Hood to Discover Python

Bradenton, FL (CBS)

“I didn’t want anything to do with him.” When Diane Walsh’s husband got in the car Friday morning it wouldn’t start, he thought it was a bad battery, “he was frustrated slammed the door to car. He came out opened the hood there the snake was.”

It was all caught on home surveillance cameras.  “He jumped back and he was freaking out running into the garage,” said Mrs. Walsh.  The Walsh’s tried scaring the snake out with a hose…but, “it just kept me moving from one place to the other,” she says. It ended up in the wheel well.

By the time rescuers with Wildlife Inc Education and Rehabilitation Center showed up Walsh says, “we turned the wheel pull apart the vinyl access to metal space through here. I could hear him hissing through the car a couple of times struck my hand pulled it out fast.”

An hour later the 3 foot long ball python was out. It turns out the snake had nothing to do with the car not starting. See-The Walsh’s Impala is keyless and they had left the car unlocked the night before and forgot to bring the key fob with him. When he pushed the button it did not start. Wildlife Inc. Says it answers 4-thousand calls a year, but never one like this.


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