Man Finds Live Grenade on Banks of Ohio River

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (CNN) —  A Kentucky man found a live grenade while walking the banks of the Ohio River.

At Riverview Park with his new metal detector in hand, Anthony Shepard searched the banks of the Ohio River for whatever he could find.

But late Sunday afternoon, he looked down and found a cardboard tube attached to a brick and decided to open it up.

“It had zip ties and duct tape on it and I just assumed it was like a time capsule or something, but then I decided to stab it with my shovel,” said Shepard.
Inside was a live hand grenade with the pin still intact.

Shepard stated, “I walked away from it and came back and realized it was a grenade when I cut it open and kind of walked back – I had to think about it for a minute ‘should I call the police”.

Not long after, officers arrived and cordoned off the area with the bomb squad to safely take the grenade away.

“When I saw the picture of the device I realized it was, indeed, a live grenade so was quite shocked,” said former Air Force Brigadier General Rob Givens.  He says findings like this are extremely rare.  “Even though it appears to be from a bygone time, perhaps from as far back as the Second World War – those things still do go off,” Givens said.

Givens believes the grenade may have fallen off a barge decades ago or was obtained by someone who eventually got nervous and tied the brick to it to sink it.
Shepard admits he didn’t think it was real at first, and the danger was only part of what he was thinking about.

Anthony Shepard said, “Is this going to blow up, do I leave it here, do I run away, so I just picked it up and the first thought in my mind was ‘is it worth anything?”

Shepard was allowed to keep the original casing the grenade was in, a safe keepsake to what was supposed to be just a day on the river.
“I love history so finding something like that just blew my mind. Something I can tell my kids for years” said Shepard.

The Kentucky National Guard took the grenade and planned to set it off in a safe location.

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