Group Wants to Takeover Neglected Cemetery

Plans are underway to help restore a prominent and long neglected cemetery in Mobile.

The Oaklawn Cemetery is the final resting place of nearly 2000 people, but over the last several years it has fallen into disarray with overgrown grass, trash being dumped and monuments dislodged.

The county has no record of who owns the property and no one to hold responsible.

But now a group led by family members of the deceased is hoping to get the go-ahead from the city to take over the cemetery.

“It’s very easy to become abandoned because of overgrown weeds, the fences are down, the headstones are knocked over which requires for us to be able to take it as an abandonment and allow for the citizens and the community to take over the cemetery,” said Lorenzo Martin, a city councilman in Prichard and relative of people buried at Oaklawn.

Citizens plan to start cleaning up the property themselves this week and then want to rededicate the cemetery on Independence Day.

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