Foley Toddler Beating the Odds in Fight with Cancer

FOLEY, Alabama (WKRG) – Precious steps taken by 19-month-old Easton Carraway. It’s something he couldn’t do just a month ago.

“He got to the point where at one point where he couldn’t hardly raise his hands and talk to us,” says his Dad Cody Carraway. “Now, he is everywhere and into everything and he’s got his personality back. He’s back to himself for sure.”

Three months of treatment and chemotherapy at St. Jude Hospital is changing his life. “The PET scan actually showed there is no active tumor in his lungs anymore,” says Mom Khalee Salter. The tumor on his spine has shrunk dramatically as well.

The doctors are surprised as well according to Cody. “They’re surprised as well at how sensitive his type of cancer has been to the chemo and how well the chemo is working. They are very surprised. They said it can’t go any better than it has been.”

More scans and surgery await their return to Memphis but, for now, they are just being a family. “It’s been great seeing everyone. Support continues to pour in from all over the place but it’s been nice to be home and see some familiar faces again for sure.”

There is a light in Easton’s eyes, a knowing that he is special and that he is winning this fight. If he could talk, Cody thinks he knows what he would say. “I think he would say thank you for their support and I guess he would say the same thing we are, he doesn’t know why it’s happening to him. It’s not up for us to ask why. Just keep faith strong and thanks for the prayers.”

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