Bloodhound Deputy to Aid in Missing Person Searches in Baldwin County

ROBERTSDALE, AL (WRKG) – Baldwin County’s newest deputy has four legs, big ears and fur covers her body.  Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack introduced members of the county commission Tuesday morning to their newest deputy.

Deputy Angie is a bloodhound that’s been trained to help in missing person’s cases.  Mack says this will augment search efforts when it comes to elderly people who go missing due to Alzheimer’s or dementia.  She will also help find missing children when needed.

“The biggest value is for people to know we have another resource that if your loved one does wonder off if a child becomes lost we have an additional resource to locate that individual and hopefully prevent harm,” said Sheriff Hoss Mack.

The sheriff says the dog cost $7,500 and that includes training.  Officials say the dog will be a valuable addition to the team.


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