Mr. and Mrs. Law Enforcement Receive Honor

An impressive award today for a husband and wife in law enforcement in Mobile County. Earlier this year, Corporal Kenneth Gillespie was named The Mobile Police Department’s 2016 Officer of the Year for 2016, and wife, Corporal Kristen Gillespie was named The Mobile County Sheriff’s Department 2016 Deputy of the Year. So, today, the Mobile County Commission created an award just for them. They were named Mr. and Mrs. Law Enforcement for 2016.

Corporal Kenneth Gillespie says they are honored to receive the award. “It’s great to be recognized for our efforts we are putting forth in our departments and the city and county that we serve.” Corporal Kristen Gillespie says even through the two don’t work in the same department, they understand each other. “Normally, when you are in law enforcement and when you are married to someone who isn’t, it is hard to maintain relationships, but since we both have an interest in it, it makes it a lot easier to continue on.”

Corporal Kenneth Gillespie is 10 year veteran of MPD, with most of that time in the homicide division. It’s his police work that led to two arrests in the murder of young mother, Delauna Anderson Powell, who was killed on her way to work last year. Corporal Kristen Gillespie is a 13 year veteran of the Sheriff’s office. Just last year, she investigated nearly 500 property crimes including burglary and theft of property.

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