Homeowners in Regency Subdivision Suspect Front Porch Bandits

(WKRG) — More than 20 million Americans say they’ve had a package stolen off their front porch at some point in their lives, so it’s not surprising that homeowners in the Regency subdivision suspect that front porch bandits may be to blame for some recently unaccounted-for packages.

Homeowner Wendy Lipham posted about a suspected stolen package in a Regency neighborhood Facebook group, and not long after posting, a nearby homeowner shared security video showing a blue car speeding by while tossing an empty package out the window not far from Lipham’s house.

“Somebody else posted that they too were missing a package. That lead us to believe something was going on,” Lipham said.

Mobile Police spokesperson Donald Wallace says, the department doesn’t have an accurate estimate for how often packages are snatched before the rightful recipient can open them because more often than not people will simply report the issue to the delivery service without following through with a police report.

“If you don’t report it, we can’t do anything about it,” Wallace said.

Lipham said she plans to file a police report in hopes of deterring or catching whoever is sweeping through her neighborhood. In the meantime, Wallace said they will ask officers who cover that precinct to patrol through the neighborhood looking for any suspicious activity for the next two weeks.



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