Fred Richardson Talks about Why He’s Making Next Term His Last

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Mobile’s most well-known city councilman says he’s only got one term left.  In announcing his latest bid for district one, Fred Richardson says his next term will be his last.  Fred Richardson says he’s pushing 80 and it’s the right time to move on to other things after another four years.

“I have two books that I’ve started that I’ve not completed there are some other things that I want to get done and I know they call our position part time but it’s not it’s full time,” said Richardson in an interview Sunday.  He’s currently the longest serving city council member and he’s known for being a fierce advocate for people in his district–even the ones who don’t agree with him.

“If you’re a member of the Klan and you call for Fred Richardson if you ring I will spring, I will represent every person in district one,” said Richardson.  It’s that wit over the years that’s made him a highlight of council meetings.

“I am not stupid enough to preempt the public if I show it to them today they’re not coming tonight,” said Richardson when asked to fully describe that year’s upcoming Moonpie Drop.  In an election victory in 2009, he praised his supporters who came out during a race where he faced opposition.

“Got up, came out on crutches and walkers and we were victorious tonight,” said Richardson on Election night.  He also has his share of critics but Richardson says that’s a sign he’s doing something right.

“Dogs don’t bark at parked cars,” said Richardson on Sunday. “If they don’t like Fred Richardson, that’s a part of what we do that means I’m doing something.”  Fred Richardson won’t be going into the August municipal election unopposed. There have been at least two men who said they are running against him, Corey Penn and Timothy Hollis. No one can officially file to run until July 5th.

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