Family of Man Killed By Baldwin Co. Deputy on I-10 Want Answers

Donna Chisesi is angry, frustrated and wants answers. “He wasn’t somebody that deserved that.”

Photographs and memories of her son Jonathan Victor are all the family has to cling to. “It was really hard for her to find a photo of him not being typical Jonathan which is either make a crack, making a joke, funny face, being silly,” says his brother Justin.

Those images are far different from the man investigators say they encountered on the side of Interstate 10 after he crashed his SUV.

“We don’t know if he ran off the road. We don’t know if somebody ran him off the road. We don’t know if he hydroplaned,” says Donna.

His mother doesn’t know a lot about what happened to her son that night. She got to the hospital a couple of hours before he died from multiple gunshot wounds from a Baldwin County deputies AR-15.

“Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputy had to make a decision not to put anybody else’s life in danger,” says Capt. Jud Beedy with the Major Crimes Task Force.

Victor had reportedly been combative with first responders, getting out of the SUV with his hands out in front of him as if he had a gun. We now know he did not have a gun or any weapon but did have a fanny pack and windbreaker wrapped around his hands pointing at officers as he approached.

“We believe my brother was holding his hand in this context for multiple reasons,” says Justin. He believes his brother was hurt. Investigators say he did have cuts on his wrists which they attribute to a suicide attempt. His mother dismisses that claim and points to the death certificate that lists the cause of death as homicide. “I just feel like we deserve justice, we deserve answers and we deserve to have Jonathan’s things back.”

The investigation into the shooting continues so, those answers will likely have to wait until a grand jury reviews the case. The earliest that could happen is in the fall.

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