18-year-old Arrested for Vandalism at Wilmer Church

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – An 18-year-old was arrested and jailed after confessing to taking in part in vandalism at a church in Wilmer that caused $25,000 in damages.

According to a release from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Troy Hall was arrested last Friday after he confessed to detectives as one of the ones who caused damage to the church. A sheriff spokesperson says a juvenile was also involved in the vandalism, but no additional information will be possible at this time.

The vandalism occurred at Wilmer United Methodist Church on May 28. The pastor of the church told police that the intruders came in through the basement doors then destroyed items and spray painted vulgar messages on the walls.

The pastor also told law enforcement that the suspects took $150 from the offering envelope.

“This case was solved because of the eagerness on the part of the community to provide information to our detectives,” said Sheriff Sam Cochran in a press release. “Then it just becomes good investigation work on the part of our Detectives.”

Hall is currently booked into Mobile Metro Jail and faces a charge of burglary second-degree.


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