GOOD SPORT: Coach uses boxing to help keep kids off streets

We find this week’s Good Sport inside the Prichard Boxing Academy, Gabriel Dortch, “I started Prichard Boxing Academy in roughly in 2006, my goal was to help get youth off the street, male and female, to harness their anger”

Some like it, some love and others hate, but at least they had the guts to enter the ring, ” I feel that it’s a let-down if my student leaves my organization and not knowing how to conduct themselves as they should.”

Coach Dortch says his goal at the Academy, build confidence , teach discipline and prepare his kids for life inside and outside the ring, Terrance York, “Boxing instills discipline in you, you come in here and do stuff every day, it teaches you discipline, gets you on a routine, what you need to be in life, to be on a routine, it just calms you, I grew up here with a lot of anger in me and this is a way for me to get it out instead of doing dumb stuff.”

Gabe has many stories of kids coming off the streets and entering his gym, one of the first lessons an aspiring boxer gets at the Academy, Coach Dortch, “wearing a tie son, you can’t go wrong, ” learning how to tie a tie, ” it takes time, but with consistency you will get it, alright? Dortch, “Them using more eye contact, meaning what they say, because I’m big on it, a lot of kids still don’t look you in the eye, I am big on firm handshakes and eye contact.”

The Prichard Boxing Academy is non-profit, coach Dortch relies on donations to keep the lights on, as he coaches the kids to put someone’s lights out in the ring!

“But to get back up and to fight back, that’s all I ask of any of my athletes, just give yourself your best!”

It’s safety first at the academy, Dortch is safe certified through USA boxing and he’s going the extra mile in our community to keep our kids off the streets and safe in the ring, Coach Dortch, ” I always said for people to really to step and really mean what they say, and put some action behind it.”



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