What’s Working: Harvest For Health

A gardening program is making it easy for cancer patients improve their diets. It’s called Harvest for Health. The program was launched by researchers at UAB who are interested in  looking for ways to improve cancer survivorship. They are looking for cancer survivors in the Gulf Coast area who would like to try gardening.

Each cancer survivor is paired with a master gardener and given all the supplies, including seeds, tools, and a container. The master gardener shows the survivor how to plant the small garden. Elizabeth Brown was paired with two-time cancer survivor, Dr. Louis Naman. Brown says, “It’s very simple. Gardening doesn’t have to be as complicated as people want to make it. It’s amazing what you can do with a few little boxes like he has.” Dr. Naman started off with some simple gardening boxes, but has expanded his gardening to other parts of his yard. He says there is no doubt that the Harvest For Health program has been beneficial for him. He not only is eating healthier. He is also more active. “When I lay around inactive, it just gets harder for me to become active, and that is what this program does for me. It keeps me active. If I wasn’t doing it, I wouldn’t have the energy I have now.”

If you are interested in signing up for the Harvest for Health Program, you can call 1-844-476-9478 (1-844-GROW-GR8). You can also send an email to Harvest4health@uab.edu. Another option is to Google Harvest for Health Project at UAB.


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