SLIDESHOW: Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Northwest Florida

Mayo Park flooded in Milton, Fla.

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) – After heavy rains swept through the Gulf Coast late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the roads and homes of Northwest Florida were left flooded.

In Santa Rosa County, many of the roadways and bridges are once again open after officials were forced to close the roadways because of the flooding. For a full list of closures in Santa Rosa County, click here.

In Pace, families woke up to flood waters inside their homes and feet of water waiting outside. “I went and looked at the front door and it was about to come in the front door,” renter Kristi Knoth said Wednesday morning. News Five’s Chad Petri talked to several floodings victims about the damage they received.

News Five will continue to follow the flooding and post updates. Be sure to watch News 5 at Noon for the very latest.


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