Selma Street Shooting Victim’s Brother Speaks Out

MOBILE, Al (WKRG) — Laura Worsham was shot in her home and left for dead on Sunday, June 4. The suspect in her shooting is Lionel Gray.

Gray used to do yard work for Laura, according to her brother, John Worsham.

“She was going to give him a drink of water and when she turned her back he shot her– no warning or anything apparently,” John said.

Mobile Police say Laura’s house was another stop along Gray’s crime spree in Mobile.

Prior to shooting Laura and stealing her car, Gray robbed a Shell Station and a Rite-Aid on Government St.

Laura was initially shot in her arm, but the bullet traveled through her body.

“The bullet apparently went through her left side through her left lung, clipped her spine and lodged behind her right lung,” John said. He continued, “The spinal injury is probably the one they’re most worried about. we’re not– we’re not sure if she is paralyzed yet but she does have some feeling and can react, does have a reflex action but she cannot voluntarily move her legs.”

Gray was apprehended in Atlanta and is now facing attempted murder charges.

As for Laura, she’s beginning a long road to recovery.

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