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7:52 a.m.A serious accident has occurred on Highway 45 near Smithtown Road pretty close to the Kushla area. Saraland Police is working that accident and emergency vehicles are on the scene but the roadway is closed at this time.  Beyond that some fender benders in Mobile at Rangeline Road trying to get onto I-10 eastbound there the Cloverleaf, southbound I-65 between Government and I-10. The traffic light was out there and now and accident has occured  Cottage Hill Road at Montlimar. And North Broad Street at St Anthony Street. The earlier problems in Baldwin County have all been cleared  but no new trouble spots in Pensacola according to Pensacola Police.

6:55 a.m.- It’s another wet start for your Wednesday morning commute we’re looking good on the bayway and Causeway even with the wet driving conditions. In mobile no accidents to report but we still have some problems with  traffic lights on the blink there at the intersection of Cottage Hill at Montlimar and Cottage Hill at the West I 65 Service Road. In Baldwin County Highway Patrol now on the scene of an accident involving injuries and a motorcycle County Road 87 South of County Road 38 that’s in the Summerdale area. Fairhope police on the scene of an accident Highway 104 just east of County Road 13 in Pensacola a new accident there  I-110 Northbound trying to get onto I-10 Westbound at the Cloverleaf. Expect delays there.

6:35 a.m.- In Mobile the traffic lights are out of cottage Lamont Lamar and also caught a chill at the West I 65 Service Road treat those four way stops No Problems right now crossing the bay way or Causeway.   In South Mobile County some possible water over the roadway there Bellingrath Road at the cold hole. In Baldwin County Highway Patrol headed the scene of an accident involving injuries and a motorcycle in Summerdale at County Road 87 just south of County Road 38. still earlier problems there Highway 181 north of County Road 48th and Highway 104 East of County Road 13 in the Fairhope area all the earlier roadways that were closed due to flooding in Santa Rosa County of reopen but still a traffic light out in Pensacola North W Street at Marcus Pointe Boulevard.

6:10 a.m.- Another wet start to begin your morning commute. We’ve got some accidents in Mobile including an earlier problem trying to be cleared I-65 Southbound between Airport and Government. Also Government and Water Street a fender bender there.  The traffic lights are out at Cottage Hill at Montlimar and Cottage Hill with the West I 65 Service Road. Treat those four way stops. Highway Patrol headed the scene of a couple of fender benders in the Fairhope area including Highway 181 just north of County Road 48 and Highway 104 East of County Road 13. With the heavy rain we’ve seen in the Milton / Pace area we’ve seen some roadways that are closed due to flooding. If you want to list of those go to our website at beyond that Pensacola police reporting no accidents.

5:55 a.m.- Another day, another wet start on your morning commute. We’ve had an accident occur I-65 Southbound between Dauphin Street and Airport Boulevard causing a little bit of a delay there it’s just a fender bender. Crossing the Bayway and Causeway you’ll definitely notice a wet driving conditions there.  It’s rained a lot in the Florida Panhandle overnight. Florida Highway Patrol on the scene of an accident border Street just North of Highway 90 also the lights are in flash mode there at North W Street and Marcus Pointe Boulevard be sure to treat that as a four-way stop.  We’ve got a number of roadways that are closed due to flooding including West Spencer Field Road and Highway 90. For a  full list go to our website and WKRG.

5:35 a.m.- It’s been a very wet start for your Wednesday morning commute. We just got a report of an accident southbound I-65 between Dauphin and Airport to make some delays their Mobile Police head to the scene of that fender bender. Very wet driving conditions wherever you travel in Mobile, Baldwin County or even into Pensacola. Right now we’re problem-free crossing the Bayway and Causeway. In Pensacola and new accident Border Street there just north of Highway 90 being reported by Florida Highway Patrol. Throughout the Milton and Pace area and number of roadways closed due to flooding for a list of those go to our  website at I’m Kenny Fowler with your WKRG News 5 traffic

5:06 a.m.- Yet another wet and rainy start here on your morning commute as you head out the door this morning and if you need to take the bay-way or Causeway we are seeing a good bit of rain right now so use extra caution looking good through the tunnels in Mobile where accident-free. In Pensacola got some wet driving conditions and some possible flooded roadways in the Milton area.  And an accident in Milton  involving injuries there at Hamilton Bridge Road at Ridgeway Boulevard.

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