Flooding Victims Talk About Damage

Pace, FL (WKRG)

Some of the most extensive damage we’ve seen is around Pace, Florida.  We talked with one renter family who was struggling to keep the rising tide out of their home.

I went and looked at the front door and it was about to come in the front door and we checked the garage and we lifted workout machines out there trying to make sure those didn’t get ruined from there we’ve been steady trying to keep it out of the front door,” said renter Kristi Knoth.  She says their most important priority was to keep furniture safe, especially beds they just bought for their children.  

We’ll stay I mean this happens what once every 3-4 years and we were trying to buy a house so it just lights a little bit of fire under our butt to buy a house faster I think,” said Knoth with a laugh.  We also spotted several flooded cars and trucks around Tiburon Boulevard.  One driver said he thought he could make it through the water and mother nature proved him wrong.

The water was about I’d say shin deep so I kept going, thought my truck could make it through.  Then the water started rippling, and I tried to go in reverse, my truck locked up and started to do a 180 and that was it,” said Rendell Ruiz. His truck was flooded.  


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