BREAKING: Brian Parker’s Death Ruled a Homicide by Mississippi Authorities

GREENE COUNTY, MS (WKRG) — The death of teenager Brian Jessie Parker has been ruled a homicide by Mississippi authorities.

Greene County Coronor Ladd Pulliam says results from the Mississippi Crime Laboratory indicate that Parker’s death was the result of homicide.  Parker’s body has now been turned over to an anthropologist for a study of the bones to determine the exact cause of death.  The process could take at least a week.

Parker’s body was discovered last Wednesday evening down an old logging trail off Mississippi Highway 63. The 16-year-old had been missing for several days, with expanded search efforts in the hopes of finding Parker alive.

Authorities have confirmed that 22-year-old Matthew Moberg is a suspect in the case. He is currently being held in Mobile Metro Jail on charges stemming from an incident last week when he ran from law enforcement when they attempted to question him about Brian Parker’s disappearance. Additional charges, including murder, could be filed now that Parker’s death has officially been ruled a homicide.

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