Parrotheads Prepare for Jimmy Buffet at the Wharf

The crowd of Parrotheads grew in Orange Beach in the hours leading up to the concert, despite rainy weather for most of Tuesday afternoon.

Gloomy weather didn’t rain on the parade.  It was “5′ O’Clock Somewhere” since about noon at the Wharf and the “Boat Drinks were Flowing.”

For many of the Parrotheads, “Changes in Latitudes” are “Charges in Attitudes.”

News 5’s Hayley Minogue spoke with “A Son of a Son of a Sailor” with a “Pencil Thin Mustache” and talked to “Little Miss Magic” about why they love Jimmy Buffett.  They all agreed they were “Too Drunk to Karaoke” but still took to the mic to share some of their favorite songs.

“Come Monday it’ll be Alright” but as for Tuesday, the concert started at 8 o’clock.


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