WATCH: Man Jumps Through Window to Save Driver in Distress

(CBS) Police unsuccessfully tried to pull over the driver of a blue car that ran a red light Sunday in Dixon, IL. What the police didn’t know, was that the driver was having a seizure and was incapacitated behind the wheel of his slowly moving vehicle.

Dixon resident Randy Tompkins backed his own vehicle out of the way but then leaped into action when he noticed something was physically wrong with the driver of the blue car. Tompkins jumped through the passenger window of the blue car and had it in park by the time police arrived.

Full Statement from Dixon Police:

At approximately 4:06 p.m. yesterday afternoon, one of our squad cars was on routine patrol approaching the intersection of 4th Avenue and North Galena Avenue.

Officers observed a blue passenger car traveling north on North Galena Avenue and had disobeyed the red traffic signal at that intersection. The car proceeded through the intersection, almost striking several vehicles. Our squad car activated its emergency lights in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop on the car. The car proceeded north at a low rate of speed and began traveling into the oncoming lanes of travel.

A truck, that was southbound in the 1300 block of North Galena Avenue, had to back up to avoid being struck by the car. The driver of the truck could see the driver of the car and observed that something looked medically wrong. The driver of the truck (later identified as Dixon resident Randy Tompkins) exited his vehicle, ran up to the car and without hesitation jumped into the car through the passenger side window in an attempt to stop it. Tompkins was able to get the car in park just as officers approached the vehicle as well. The driver of the vehicle was found to be having a seizure.

Tompkins and the two officers stood by until Dixon City Fire arrived and transported the driver to KSB Hospital. We want to thank Tompkins for his heroism and for coming to a complete stranger’s aid!

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