Snapper Protest Draws Fishermen To Perdido Pass

Orange Beach, AL (WKRG)

It wasn’t a huge turnout but they are trying to make a statement.  Private anglers are taking part in a floating protest Sunday morning.  Many are upset about the extremely short federal red snapper fishing for recreational anglers.  The brief three-day season ended Saturday.

Organizers said Wednesday they hoped to have up to 200 boats in the water at Perdido Pass Sunday morning.  The turnout wasn’t that large but it wasn’t a ghost town either. They say they want to make a statement about what many recreational fishermen say is a season that’s unjustly short.  Some say they feel like they now have to get a taxi to go fishing.  The start time coincides with the time charter boats usually leave for fishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico.

The protest was peaceful.  It is illegal to block the waterway and organizers say that was never their intention.  Still, law enforcement boats were also on hand to make sure things ran smoothly.

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