Gun Violence Victim Says He Wants To See Change

moms demand action for gun sense in america

A small gathering in Washington Square park this afternoon–with people wearing orange, eating oranges, there were even orange decorations. It’s part of a movement demanding gun sense in America.

“Began years ago in Chicago where a group of high schoolers got together and asked their friends to wear orange their friend who was shot and killed,” says Wayne McNeil.

It was meant to create awareness nationwide.

“We want gun owners to be responsible and store their weapons in a safe. We would like a background check on every gun sale including internet and parking lot shows, we do appose legislation that would introduce guns on campuses,” says McNeil.

Wayne himself is a victim of gun violence. In 2012, he was standing in his front yard late at night when he was shot three times by suspected armed robbers.

“I remember the sensation of being shot, I remember seeing muzzle flashes, I remember one of them asking me if I liked his gun, I remember saying no and begging for my life.”

Now he’s sharing his story with others, hoping to prevent someone else from experiencing the same thing, or worse.

“If my story helps make a difference and helps make sure another family doesn’t have to live through what I did, I’m happy to be at any event.”

McNeil did say he’s noticed that Mobile police are stepping up and helping to reduce violent gun crime in the city. The Mobile skyline was lit up in orange last night in honor of those victims of violent gun crime.

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