Annual Publix Grandman Rolls Through Fairhope

Fairhope, AL (WKRG)

It starts with a dip in the Mobile Bay, A long bike ride and a run across the finish line.  With that much time, there are a lot of lessons for racers.  I asked the first young man across the finish line what he learned today.

“Don’t put Gatorade in my water bottle, it comes up later,” said Allen England with a laugh.  He’s 16 years-old and from Shreveport.  The event had more than 700 people take part but attendance was down slightly from last year due to the threat of rain.

“I love to getting to know these racers, I love getting to see them swim and getting them to enjoy Mobile Bay I love how much fun they have all the way through every single aspect of this and I love the first timers, people who are getting out here for the very first time to learn how to get active and run and swim and bike all at the same time,” said Casi Callaway with Mobile Baykeeper.  Hundreds of people compete in this race every year but for each one, the decision to compete is personal.  

“I decided to do this because it’s a home race, I’ve heard about the race for years and wanted to see how they’d do against the competition,” said Stephen Fortner from Mobile.  Conner Wernecke is from Panama City Florida.  With the weather getting warmer, he says this is one of the few races left in the southeast this time of year.  

“It seemed like a really well-organized race it’s really the only option this weekend,” said Wernecke.  Of all the legs of the race, the bike ride gets the most raves.

“I like the bike the roads are smooth, where I’m from the roads aren’t as good, but the bike definitely,” said Caleb Earhart from Slidell.   


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