Man Riding Motorcycle With Baby Charged with Child Endangerment

Courtesy: LCSO


A Texas man photographed with a toddler on a motorcycle is now facing child endangerment charges. The picture went viral and sparked outrage on social media. A reporter caught up with him

“Do you believe you were endangering that child? Was that your child? Nothing you would like to respond to?” a reporter asked Anthony Welsh as he left the sheriff’s office. . He refused to answer the questions. But the thirty year old isn’t always quite this shy. A Facebook photo of him and a baby on a motorcycle has gone viral. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office says it shows Welsh riding a motorcycle with the infant sitting in front of him over the gas tank.

“He has his Constitutional rights. That’s all we’re asking. You ought to respect his rights,” said a man walking with Welsh as the reporter questioned him.  Welsh has a long criminal history with previous arrests on multiple charges, including assault and theft. He was arrested earlier this week on a traffic warrant. Then it was the photo that finally got him in trouble. Welsh surrendered to the Liberty County Sheriff’s office on a child endangerment charge.

Investigators say he had been hiding out at a friend’s home. “You know everybody is talking about this,” said the reporter as Welsh left the Sheriff’s Office, the man with him replying, “that’s the problem, y’all all want to talk about it. There’s no rules whatsoever on what you want to do.” The reporter responded, “We have the right to ask the questions, sir.”

Welsh is now out of jail on a 5-thousand dollar bond.

Courtesy: LCSO

Under Texas law, it’s illegal for children under five to be a passenger on a motorcycle.

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