Driver Crashes Into Baldwin Restaurant, Arrested on Heroin Charges

Crash at Tin Top Restaurant
Courtesy: Brittney Briand

Thursday night at Tin Top Restaurant a loud ruckus outside caught the attention of manager Brittney Briand. “It was clear there was something amiss. There was a loud commotion and the entire restaurant just stood up.”

Briand captured these images just after a 2005 Jeep slammed into the outside picnic tables. “The car did not stop that first time, it kept going, ended up smashing that table up against the wall.”

50-year old David Emmons was behind the wheel. He had been at the four-way stop on County Road 49 across from the restaurant.

“He had been passed out,” according to Briand.

Cars stacking up behind him at the stop sign started honking their horns. “It just startled him obviously had no control of the steering and just hit the gas pedal and just went forward driving him into the table.”

State Trooper investigators found what they believe is heroin and syringes inside the vehicle. Emmons now facing drug and reckless endangerment charges but Briand says it could have been so much worse. “Just moments before I had just sat a table a family of four with a baby that was sitting at the exact table that was smashed against the wall.”

One customer was slightly injured during the crash. He was treated at a local hospital and released.
Brittney Briand says people at the restaurant really stepped up. Total strangers rushing to help or do whatever they could to make the situation better for everyone else.

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