Dog Used For Bait in Dogfighting Ring Now Has a “Happy” Life

We first met her as an injured, scared little dog that had just been rescued from certain death.

“She was next to be sacrificed for their sport.”

Now a different, better life. “She’s wagging her tail most of the time so I call her Happy,” says her new owner.

Used as a bait dog to teach other dogs how to fight to the death, her injuries have healed and her memories of her previous life have faded.

“I had intentions of rehoming her but I just got too attached to her. So, she is with me now and she will be as long as she wants to stay.”

Happy’s owner doesn’t want to be identified for fear of retaliation. Police are still looking for at least four suspects in the Bay Minette dogfighting ring. Jermaine Jackson was arrested and faces charges of animal cruelty and attending a dog fight.

“So many people are money hungry and blood thirsty. They like to see another animal get hurt and I don’t understand that.”

Happy has a new home and a new lease on life, “She’s one of the gang now,” and that’s a happy ending in anyone’s book.

“See her tail, it always wags.”

Two pit bulls were also rescued from the dogfighting ring and have also been adopted.

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