Red Snapper Protest Planned at Perdido Pass

Recreational Red Snapper season
Richard Kunkel of Atmore shows off his catch of red snapper.

Red snapper may be the most talked about fish in the Gulf of Mexico. But, for private anglers, the talking is almost over. Now they are taking action.

“We wanted something to get the world’s attention as to why we are doing this really. What’s going on with red snapper fishing.” Red Snapper

After hearing private anglers would only have three days to fish for red snapper, Justin Fadalla, with Saltwater Finaddicts, organized a flotilla of recreational fisherman to send a message to Washington by gathering at Perdido Pass, the entrance in Orange Beach to the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s not just about us. It’s about everybody. If my rights get taken away sooner or later it’s going to come down to their rights too.”

There will be a large law enforcement presence according to Major Scott Bannon with Alabama Marine Resources. “You cannot obstruct a federal navigational waterway. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Marine Division, Coast Guard, Marine Police, Orange Beach city police, we will be there to make sure that waterway remains open.”

The hope is a show of solidarity between all anglers and the ability to pull more red snapper out of the water instead of red tape.

“Fly the American flag,” said Fadalla. “Be there at 5:30. Come out and join us, that’s what we need.”

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