Man Accused of Receiving Homicide Victim’s Drill In Court

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

A Mobile man is facing charges on a petty crime that could be connected to something much more serious.  Leonard Robinson is accused of receiving a deadman’s drill.  To understand why Leonard Robinson is back in court today we have to go back to May 19th.  That’s when the body of murder victim James Hipp was found badly decomposed inside a home on Airport Boulevard.  Police then arrested two men and charged them with receiving stolen property belonging to the victim.  

Richard Campbell was accused of having Hipp’s cellphone.  Police say he was also seen using the victim’s car, credit cards as well as pawning other possessions.  Leonard Robinson was in court for an arraignment, police say he had a drill belonging to the victim.  He didn’t want to talk to me. First, he asked me for a cellphone.  Then he asked for money for the interview.  Finally, he asked me to turn my camera off.

“I can’t get no money, I’m going to sue you, bye!” declared Robinson as he marched to the elevator.  An arraignment for Richard Campbell is tomorrow.

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